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Less is more.. and colors do the rest!

For me a photographer can achieve a lot playing with colors, in terms of creating impactful images which make the viewer stop a little longer to look better at the image.

Minimalism in photography creates a sense of tension and leaves the doors open to many interpretations.. the beauty of photography is that 1 photo can tell 1,000 different stories! 


2020-07-18 10.21.01.jpg

I believe in the positive impact of colors and my photography it's all about that! 

2020-07-11 08.17.46.jpg

Photography is my obsession and I NEVER travel without my camera... at the cost of a pair of shoes..

2020-07-11 08.20.10.jpg

The healing impact of art and photography! It really works on energy levels and projects outcome.

2019-05-30 12.29.08.jpg

The main inspiration for my photography are travels, the further away the better! I like discovering new worlds and getting in touch with new people. Cityscapes fascinate me, nevertheless I could define myself as a nature photographer first.

2020-04-10 14.22.26.jpg

I always believed in the power of the team over the single person: from collaborations and synergies, a unique result is created! I enjoy collaborations a lot as they always bring me out of my comfort zone.

alex 20.jpg

I simply love nature and I use my photography to help to support it, so if you know about initiatives aiming at protecting the environment, let's get in touch and let me show you how can I contribute.

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