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A year full of photography plans .. and hope..

Happy new year 2022 dear readers and friends! went live last year May and after a very first "Welcome blog", I remained silent for the rest of the year :-(

As there is a limit between "not spamming" and "not writing" :-) this year I am planning to get in touch once in a while, trying to ensure the balance between "overflow of newsletters" and "interesting photography updates".

So let's get started with this short panoramic of what is new on this website and what is planned to happen in 2022 with respect to my photography.. hopefully with more things to be added in the coming months!

First of all, as of this year, on my products webshop you can filter per color. As I love colors and as I know often people looks for specific colors when deciding to buy a painting or a photo, this filter will help you to find quicker what you are looking for, together with the division between travel photography and commercial photography which was already embedded in the product portfolio page.

A new addition to the website I am really happy about is the eGift Card page, which you can find at the top right side of the menu. Photography is very personal but you can't go wrong with a gift card! So let your friend choose the most beautiful photo: just choose an amount, write a personalized message and make this eGift your own. And if someone is looking for a particular expensive photograph (large format or acrylic glass..), the eGift Cards can be combined so you can now make group gifts to your friends!

The FASHION COLORISTA photography project which started last year and you can find in my portfolio page, will continue this year as well! This is because last year it has been a real challenge to meet models and work together. The first photo shoot with lovely Annabel and Donia Serena has been lovely but also adventurous, trying to capture a sunny window of opportunities between each one's availability and one lockdown and the other. More colorful fashion photo shoots will happen this year, hopefully as soon as the Dutch sun will start shining again..

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