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Take a break from reality!

Come to visit COLOUR YOUR LIFE! in The Hague city centre.

Fortunately, it has become a bit easier again to discover the world, collecting new memories of far away places. So close to summer, our thoughts are probably turning again to travels and distant lands! Photos taken while traveling evoke positive thoughts and show others how we felt when we were there at that moment. If we keep observing one of our nicest holidays picture, it's almost like we are again in that place, and feel again that same breeze and those great feelings. The colours, the memories and the beautiful sensations we get when looking at a photo, give us positive vibes which generate wellness and help us to take a break from reality.

So after 2 years of almost still-stand and the negative events of the last years, I decided to pick up my photography plans again!

COLOUR YOUR LIFE! is a colourful photography retrospective on life seen through my lens, because in front of a beautiful flower, a stunning landscape or a vibrant colour, I wanted to ensure to capture the feeling I had at that moment, so that I can look at it again anytime I want and - hopefully - feel the same ;-)

COLOUR YOUR LIFE! is also a call for action to surround yourself of colours and beautiful images to contrast the harsh realities we are all going through in the last years.

COLOUR YOUR LIFE! is my view of the world where colours, like art and photography, play a key role in influencing happiness and wellness in general.

Here (with permission) I took a video during someone else's exhibition.. can't wait to make this venue a colourful place :-)! Business cards have arrived, the invitations are sent, and I am actively busy with selecting the portfolio and the overall organization of this event..

So get your vitamins boost and enrich your home interior, office space and life with beautiful images: come to visit this photography event and profit by the event discounts and offers! Get here your free entrance to the opening on Saturday June 18th (we will close at 100 guests) or just come by the day after: the exhibition is open until Sunday June 26th! A short update and reminder will be sent before the exhibition.. don't forget to subscribe to my mailing list (click here) if you want to stay informed. See you all there!!




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