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Thank you for being part of this beautiful journey with me!

Thank you once more to all the ones who visited the COLOUR YOUR LIFE! photography event on the opening day last Saturday June 18th, and during the week after.

After the closing day on Sunday June 26th, the exhibition was dismantled, the venue left as if nothing ever happened :-( and the key was given back to the renting company.

I can't deny being a bit sad that now this beautiful journey is over!

It has been so nice to see so many friends and people together again, to realise we were able to have these parties/ events/ exhibitions finally again, and to learn that so many of you share my same view about the importance of colours, good vibes, and helping others! I am also very happy to announce that, together, we have managed to raise a "small but donated with the hearth" amount of € 500 which will be wired in the coming days to my friend Iryna or directly to her sister, so that we will help a shelter in Ukraine where elderly people and children are being protected and taken care of. I am so happy we have been part of this: I am so happy you have been part of this with me!

I don't want to make these blogs too long: I am a photographer, not a writer :-), however I wanted to share as well a short video of this lovely journey, from building the COLOUR YOUR LIFE! event, to the final opening.. it's been an amazing journey and a great vernissage. Have a look here!

As said, I truly believe in the healing power of art (and photography!) and on its incredible influence on energy levels and wellness in general. I believe colours can set the right mood in your home, office, shop and in your life!

I hope the ones who had the opportunity to come to the event this June 2022 will know me a bit better by now, and will know that I can help to colour your walls, your mood and your life! All sales of the COLOUR YOUR LIFE! exhibition continue online, at the bottom of the WEBSHOP/ PRODUCTS page under the EXHIBITIONS section (and you can find as well the STRETCHED REALITY photography immediately after that!).

See you soon at my next exhibition and thank you again for being part of this beautiful journey with me!




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